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Q: Do we have to register our wedding party and if so how soon?

Yes. Registration is free! Simply call, come in, or click here to register online. All you need to register is your information and the wedding date. Early registration allows you plenty of time for you to browse our tuxedo styles and also allows groomsmen ample amount of time for their initial fitting.  The best time to register is immediately after the dress colors are decided.  


Tuxedo Tip: To register, click here. You may also make an appointment and visit us by clicking here.

Q. We are trying to match the Groomsmen's vest or tie to the bridesmaid's dresses. The Bridal Shop told us to go to a specific, affiliate tuxedo chain store and that they have the colors to match. Does Sossi Formals have the same colors to match our bridesmaid's dresses?

Yes we do! Sossi Formals has a vast inventory of vest and tie colors. We have matches to bridal shops' custom colors in stock at all times. You can count on a worry free experience matching the groomsmen's accessories to the bridesmaid's dresses.  


Tuxedo Tip: Obtain a swatch of the dress(es) and bring it in during your first visit.

Q. Some of my Groomsmen are out of town and will not arrive until the day before the wedding. How do we go about obtaining their measurements?

Sossi Formals has a complimentary service which allows Groomsmen to be measured at ANY tuxedo store near them at no cost.  

Measurements can be submitted to us via mail, phone, fax, online through our website, or in person of course!

Whether it's a day in advance or even on your wedding day, we will be ready to fit your out of town groomsmen!

All of our merchandise is in-stock and our local warehouse allows our on-site tailors to perform any last minute additions, changes, or alterations.  These unique features are part of the quality and customer service that Sossi Formals prides itself on, to make your wedding day arrangements seamless and the wedding party looking their best.  


Tuxedo Tip: For out-of-town measurements, have your groomsmen provide our measurement form to any tuxedo store near them. Measurement forms can be picked up in any of our showrooms or can be printed by clicking here

Q. We went to a chain store, and the sales associate showed us a catalogue and told us to pick out a style. We found something that looked good on one of the models but were not able to try anything on. We were told it had to be ordered and we would have to wait until the day before the wedding for our fitting. It would have been more comforting and satisfying seeing it on in advance. Will Sossi Formals allow us to try on tuxedos before ordering?

Absolutely! Unlike chain stores, Sossi Formals has tuxedos in-stock and available to try on upon request. We encourage the Groom to try on his attire before ordering especially since catalogues and pictures can be very misleading!


Tuxedo Tip: You are welcome to try on anything we carry from our wide selection of formalwear, from our tuxedo jackets to our accessories, even down to your preferred shoes. Simply ask one of our formalwear specialists when you arrive.

Q. Do we need to pay anything up front during our first visit?

We only require a $20 cash security deposit up front, per rental, which will be refunded after your wedding.  The full payment is required during the final fitting when you come in to pick up your tuxedo.  

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